Total Cycling Resources


Riding into the Clouds A summer visit to the Pyrenees
Following in the wheels of champions A summer holiday to some of the Cols of the Tour de France
Etape Caledonia 2007 A Cyclosportive in rural Tayside

Away with the Fairies

Island hopping with the MacNasties

In the-Middle of It

MacNasty rides 2,200k around Britain

The Speyside Dawdle

A 100 Km Audax ride in the Scottish Highlands

The Deeside 100Km Audax

Another 100 Km this time on "Royal Deeside"

The ex Fife Tourer

A 107 Km Audax ride from Kinross

The Fife Finale

An "end of season" ride around Fife

The Forth Flattie

A flattish start to the year around the Forth

Edinburgh - St. Andrews 2001

The annual charity ride in aid of "Lepra" between the capital and the university town of St. Andrews

Bervie and Beyond

A 150 km Audax from Maryculter

Twa Wee Coonties

A 100 Km Audax from Dalmeny

Running for a Train !!!

A little bother on the railways

A Grand Day Oot

On the Tayside Transgression 300 Km Audax - June 2005