Devilla forest is mainly flat though the gradient increases the further north you go. Most of the forest roads are well surfaced, though there are one or two are downright filthy places.

I thought that it would take a day or so to map out the tracks and paths and I was surprised just how much cycling there is to be had in Devilla. There is in fact several places that I have not had the time to explore, e.g. To the west near Tulliallan Police College. No doubt I will get around to riding all the tracks but for the moment I have covered the important ones.

The Kingdom of Fife Millenium Cycle Route has three way marked trails, which officially start inside the forest, with short connecting links north from the car park off the A985, south from the West Fife Cycleway and an un marked route from the centre of Kincardine into the western portion of the forest.The routes are colour coded; the purple, yellow goes and blue.

Blue Route.

From the junction the blue route heads up a gentle slope to a junction where the purple route joins from the right. Both routes go to the left passing a

clearing to the right, which is the site of the old Pray Brae Farm, the ruins of which can be seen at the back of the clearing behind the “blast-wall.” My first impressions of this place was of an escape shaft for the Longannet Mining complex, to all intents it looks like a capped mine shaft. The initials NCRE have been welded onto the steel plates. There may have even been a curved armoured roof over these plates.

The blue route descends a gentle slope to come to a junction, turn left. Continue straight on at the next junction, at the next and final junction turn

Devilla Forest
Mountain biking trails for the terrified