Aberdour to N. Queensferry (Section 12)



The Kingdom Cycle Route (KCR) forms part of the National Cycle (NCN) Route 1 and is an integral part of the North Sea Cycle route.

The North Sea Cycle route connects mainland Scotland, to Orkney, Shetland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and England. In all 5,700 km or 3,500 miles of quiet roads and cycle tracks.

The 168 km or 105 miles KCR is a circular route linking the Forth to Tay Bridges, running from North Queensferry to Tayport and back by way of Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy.

This section covers the final 14 km or 9 miles from Aberdour to North Queensferry.


The final section is the most complex to describe, as it wends its way through Dalgety Bay to Inverkeithing.

1. In Aberdour, the way turns left off the A921, opposite the Woodside Hotel, go through the large set of ornamental gates and follow the road to a more modest set of gates. The path continues on Beech Avenue alongside the golf course coming to a road junction. You are strongly advised to use the pedestrian under pass to the left. The avenue cuts across the road from the Braefoot Gas Terminal, site traffic has very limited visibility at this point.

Follow the road past the radio mast to a T-junction at the end of Beech Avenue, turn left and descend towards the ruined St Bridget's church.

Warning a drainage channel just before the church cuts across the road, do not descend too fast, serious damage to you and your bike could result from hitting this channel.

The path turns right at the church continuing along the shore of Dalgety Bay, coming to a T-junction, turn left following the shore then take the left hand fork to pass between the houses. If you wish to avoid the next section, turn right and follow the path up to the road. Turn left and straight over at the roundabout, picking up the KCR again at Lumsdaine Drive. Honestly you are missing nothing except peoples gardens!

Continuing with the KCR proper: The path meets a road, at this point it is not obvious where the KCR goes, turn right. Do not follow the signs for the Coastal Path.

Take the second turn on the left just before the roundabout, into Glams Place, follow the road around to the right into Glams Gardens and around to the left. At the top of the slight hill is a footpath, continue along the footpath to join a road, turn right, go up to the main road and turn left

It is possible to avoid the Glams Place section by proceeding to the roundabout and turning left. This is one of those times when the KCR designers have played safe, engineering a route avoiding a roundabout by a complicated diversion. If you feel confident with roundabouts then you will not miss anything by going through Glams Place.

3. Second turn on the left should be Lumsdaine Drive , turn left (KCR signpost) follow the road all the way down to the bottom of the hill and around to the right. Continue along the shore until the road starts to go uphill then take the footpath on the left along the shore.

The short length of footpath comes out onto a road then turns left, follow this road all the way down to the bottom, watch out for the road humps. Turn left onto a footpath turn left again and rejoin the road.

Continue to St. Davids Harbour and a roundabout, with an anchor sculpture to the left.

Pass the anchor staying close to the sea wall and follow the path past the flats & downhill to a gate. [Updated 2008 by T. Keer following completion of the Dalgety Bay / Inverkeithing path upgrade]

4. Go through the gate and continue along the coast path, one more gate and the path goes through the disused quarry, follow the tarmac path, past the ship loading point (made from sections of ex-military Bailey bridge), to the timber yard and around to the right to join a road.

5. Pass Plumber Brothers, which contains a Cycle Shop, over the bridge and turn right and up the hill to another T-junction. Turn left and up the steeper hill, follow this road all the way to the top and a T-junction at Inverkeithing town centre.

Turn left, straight on at the mini roundabout, past Sandy Wallace Cycles on the right go all the way down hill, under the two railway bridges and onto the pavement just before the roundabout.

6. Continue along the pavement all the way to the Forth Road Bridge and you have just completed the Kingdom Cycle Route - congratulations!

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