The Crombie Cycle Route

GRADE Easy Recreational
UPDATED December 2001



The Crombie Recreational Route

A circular tour of Crombie and Cairneyhill The 9 mile / 14 km Dunfermline to Crombie route is one of three recreational routes off the West Fife Cycle Way.

There are not much in the way of endearing qualities to this route, except the villages of Crossford, Crombie and Cairneyhill. However I did enjoy the run despite the lack of attractions and the proximity to the A985.

Starting from the West Fife Cycle Way, the Crombie Cycle Route (CR) follows the same initial route as the Charlestown CR. Turning off the cycle way, you climb the embankment to the roadside, then turn right and follow the road to Crossgates. Note: on the outskirts of the village the road narrows forming a choke point take care at this point, the piles of car debris attest to the danger here. Turn left into Kirkwood Crescent and follow the road up the slight hill, then around to the right and down to the traffic lights.

Cross straight over and continue down Wagon Road. This road is a commuter "rat-run" off the main A985 Road, at times this road can be OK and others it can be unpleasant to cycle on. Continue all the way to the junction with the A985.

Special provision has been made for cyclists to cross this road safely. The provisions include; a refuge on the left hand verge to cross Wagon Road directly instead of being out in the middle of the road turning right, a short length of cycle path alongside the A985 leading away from the junction and finally a crossing point so you can cross directly over the road. Unfortunately the crossing point is partially obscured by a road signpost, which restricts road users of their view of you about to cross the road - cross safely.

There is a shared use footpath on the far side, avoiding the necessity of cycling on the A985.

Follow this shared use footpath, past the Charlestown road end and all the way to Crombie. The shared use footpath goes off to the left, onto a short length of rough track and then finally back onto a tarred surface. At the cross roads cross straight over, to your left is the Royal Naval munitions depot. The road then turns to the right, goes up a short incline then down to re-join the A985, turn left and continue along the shared use footpath.

Cross the road and continue along the short stretch of old road then back onto a shared use footpath. The cycle route for Culross goes off from this junction down towards Crombie Point, the shared use footpath ends a short while afterwards. Turn right crossing directly over the A985 and continue along the narrow country road to Cairneyhill. At the junction with the A994, turn right and cycle through the village, no special provisions have been made for cyclists in the village, so you are on your own on another busy commuter route. Turn left when you reach the outskirts of the village and continue along the road passing the new golf course and driving range.

There now follows a series of climbs, which takes you back to the West Fife Cycle Way. When you reach the cycle way go, through the barriers and have a rest while you read the stories on the cycle information point, otherwise turn right, go under the railway bridge and follow the cycle way all the way back to the starting point.